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Trey Carlisle is the Co-creator of the Black Legacy Project using music to bring people together, to explore historic songs that honor protest, black relations and black history. Trey Carlisle Grew up in LA. and has always had music as part of his life. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, plays guitar, drums, and piano. Trey loves singing and dancing and was always in youth band and church choir growing up. Music has been his tool to connect with others and together praise the sacredness of life. Trey was a youth participant in 2016 of Music In Common program. He became a senior fellow for MIC and when MIC started a youth leadership program they asked Trey to head it. He then co-created BLP. MIC and BLP are about peace keeping, understanding, leadership, and understanding between cultures. Their mission is to permeate change locally then spread it via events, albums, videos, concerts.

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