Episode 52: Playstation abandons PSVR

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The biggest leak in gaming history Rockstar has been attacked spilling the beans on the anticipated title GTA 6; we love getting information, but are leaks bad for the industry? This ep we not only explore this issue we also discuss - sony abandons PSVR1 games -Silent Hill has a title - We've played Street Fighter 6 and MW2 - do they hold up? Find out in ep 52 of In PS We Trust a PlayStation Podcast. If you're enjoying the show don’t forget to put a like on it and subscribe for new episodes every fortnight, if you listen on podcast services consider leaving a review; it helps us grow and find a larger audience. To write into the show email: pswetrust@gmail.com Join us on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/inpswetrust/ Find us on social media: @InPSWeTrust @ssjdavey @philiphoy @spenpai_ Timestamps - Start of show - 00:00 what we're playing - 20:02 Quick News - 45:30 Rumour Has It - 1:47:35 Topic: 2:00:00

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