36. Flipping power -- how do we take back our government?

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If our crisis in democracy is that we, the American people, don't fundamentally have the power to get the government do what we need, then how can we flip the balance of power and reinvigorate democracy? We discuss a powerful strategy designed to do just that and how it will happen at the State House.
Read more here: https://www.incorruptiblemass.org/incorruptible-book
Jordan Berg Powers, Jonathan Cohn, and Anna Callahan chat about Massachusetts politics. This is the audio version of the Incorruptible Mass podcast, season 4 episode 36. The video version is available here.
You’re listening to Incorruptible Massachusetts. Our goal is to help people understand state politics: we investigate why it’s so broken, imagine what we could have here in MA if we fixed it, and report on how you can get involved.
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