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Come listen to Indian Noir exclusively on Spotify!

Indian Noir will be a Spotify Exclusive from 15 June 2021, starting with the ‘Summer of Horror’ series of stories.

All the existing episodes of Indian Noir will be available for streaming on all platforms - no changes on that front. But everything published after 14th of June 2021 will be available exclusively on Spotify.

Coming to Indian Noir, exclusively on Spotify:

  • Summer of horror series featuring 4 Indian Noir One-Shot scary stories every year.
  • The FEAR FM series returns with the Ekta Ji Trilogy and goes beyond!
  • HIS NIGHT BEGINS will return for its decade long run to thrill you with stories of the criminal underbelly in Indraprastha city.
  • THRISHUL and Indian Noir’s yet to be announced murder mystery series will make miniseries appearances in between the longer series.

I sincerely hope that all the listeners following me on other streaming apps will continue supporting the podcast on Spotify. Download Spotify from your ios or android app store for free, search for Indian Noir and hit the follow button. You can also visit @indiannoir on instagram or twitter and get the direct link to Indian Noir’s Spotify page.

People already listening to Indian Noir on Spotify don’t need to take any additional steps.

I want to thank all of you for your support and love and for clocking some mind-blowing listening hours consuming my voice.

Here’s hoping that your patronage will continue on Spotify and that Indian Noir will shine brightly in its next, glorious chapter.

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