Finishing the Season in Style ft. Kerri Einarson

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The Grand Slam season has come to a close and Kevin has the lowdown on what proved to be quite an emotional week for many teams splitting up. Warren recaps the Canadian under-18 championships and the wheelchair mixed doubles worlds plus provides a look at the upcoming world juniors.

Streaming for curling events has been on the rise in recent years and the guys discuss the current complications and how it’ll all unfold going forward in our Hot Rock Topics.

How can clubs increase membership through Learn to Curl programs? One listener provides some suggestions in our Mailbag segment.

Fresh from winning the KIOTI Tractor Champions Cup, Kerri Einarson joins the show (34:30) to talk about her latest Grand Slam title victory, capturing three straight Scotties Tournament of Hearts and earning bronze at the women’s worlds. Amid the flurry of team changes, Kerri also discusses her team’s decision to stick together.

This podcast is produced by Amil Delic and Warren Hansen, recorded and mixed by Mike Rogerson, and hosted by Kevin Martin, Warren Hansen and Jim Jerome. Production support by Jonathan Brazeau and Griffin Porter.

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