Revising the Residency Rules ft. Jock Tyre

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The final major curling tournament of the season is underway and the guys discuss the latest on the world juniors in Sweden and how Canada is performing. The WCF has renewed its agreement with Swiss sports marketing agent Infront and Warren explains what they've done for the sport.
Here we go again as the residency rules debate returns for Hot Rock Topics with Team Gushue’s announcement that they’ve added Northern Ontario’s E.J. Harnden at second. Is it time for Canada to revise or outright get rid of residency rules to keep up with the rest of the world?
This week’s Mailbag question asks: Why can’t networks provide hog-to-hog split times for every shot? Stick around for Storytime as Kevin takes us on a trip to Japan where he played mallet golf on a mountain.
Our guest this week is Jock Tyre, the longtime manager of the Kelowna Curling Club. Jock talks about how his club has continued to grow, getting younger blood into the building, his thoughts on the residency rules and separating the pro level from the club circuit, reaching out to people who have never curled before, how COVID has impacted his club, and if triples could work at the national level. Jock also explains what’s on tap for the summer including a camp with Kevin.
This podcast is produced by Amil Delic and Warren Hansen, recorded and mixed by Mike Rogerson, and hosted by Kevin Martin, Warren Hansen and Jim Jerome. Production support by Jonathan Brazeau and Griffin Porter.
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