The Brier has Begun ft. Brad Gushue

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We’re knee-deep into the Tim Hortons Brier and Kevin and Warren share their thoughts on the first stretch featuring a hotly-anticipated matchup between Canada’s Brendan Bottcher and former teammate Darren Moulding, now with New Brunswick, plus a boisterous crowd on hand. The Paralympics are also underway and Warren brings us up to speed with Canada in good standing to start.

Our Hot Rocks Topic takes aim at allowing teams to sweep their opponent’s rock behind the tee line and the guys are divided on what to do with the rule. Should the degree of difficulty of a shot be incorporated into the stats? Kevin and Warren answer that in our Mailbag segment and explain why it’s tricky to implement it at all events.

The guys are joined by Olympic bronze medalist Brad Gushue to talk about his Beijing experience, the field at the Brier, when fatigue sets in, having a strong fanbase and what is the future of Team Gushue.

In the spirit of Brier week, Warren takes us back to the 1993 tournament in Story Time when the late, great ice-maker Shorty Jenkins went rogue to "fix" the ice.

This podcast is produced by Amil Delic and Warren Hansen, recorded and mixed by Andrew Holland, and hosted by Kevin Martin, Warren Hansen and Jim Jerome. Production support by Jonathan Brazeau and Griffin Porter.
The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rogers Sports & Media or any affiliates.

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