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Myriad Oncology Live episodes are recordings of an open-forum webinar hosted by Dr. Thomas Slavin. The opinions and views expressed in this recording do not necessarily represent those of Myriad Genetics or its affiliates. To participate in a future recording, visit for a list of dates, times, and subjects.
Many studies were referenced in this episode, please see links below:
Yanes T, et al. Clinical applications of Polygenic breast cancer risk: a critical review and perspective of an emerging field. Breast Cancer Res 22, 21 (2020).

Mars et al study link:

Rosner et al study:

Lakeman et al study:

Barnes et al study:
This is the study where the chart comes from :

Here is the abstract from ASCO about ancestrally unbiased breast cancer (BC) risk assessment. Dr. Pederson also presented this material during the meeting.

Here is the Tischkowitz paper Dr. Slavin was discussing:

Gallagher paper (chart was from this paper)

Yanes T, et al. Women's responses and understanding of polygenic breast cancer risk information. Fam Cancer. 2020 Oct;19(4):297-306.

Hughes et al paper where data from chart is derived:

Risk of Breast Cancer Among Carriers of Pathogenic Variants in Breast Cancer Predisposition Genes Varies by Polygenic Risk Score

Adjuvant Olaparib for Patients with BRCA1- or BRCA2-Mutated Breast Cancer

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