Mack Brown, Head Coach - North Carolina

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This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring University of North Carolina Head Coach, Mack Brown. Coach Brown shares tips on how to be an effective communicator, explains what it takes to win at a high level, and highlights the importance of setting an edge every day within a program.

A 43-year veteran of collegiate coaching, Mack Brown has served as a head coach for 33 seasons with stops at Texas (1998-2013), North Carolina (1988-97, 2019-21), Tulane (1985-87), and Appalachian State (1983). Over his 33 seasons, Brown has posted a record of 259-132-1 (.662). In his first three years back at UNC, Brown has lead the Tar Heels to three bowl appearances including the Orange Bowl. Coach Brown experienced high levels of success while as the head coach at the University of Texas where he won the the BCS National Championship, another BCS National Championship Game appearance and three BCS Bowl wins.

Brown was inducted into the National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame in December of 2018. In addition to the College Football Hall of Fame, Brown is also a member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, the Longhorn Hall of Honor, the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame and the Holiday Bowl Hall of Fame. One of the most respected coaches in the game, Brown has served on numerous national committees, including president of the American Football Coaches Association. He has also served on the AFCA Ethics Committee and the AFCA Public Relations Committee.

  • [2:56] Start of podcast
  • [5:12] Stepping up as a leader
  • [7:48] Communication within a program
  • [13:06] Building trust and gaining respect
  • [16:49] Finding a common purpose
  • [20:13] How to make decisions
  • [22:03] How to win
  • [25:22] Creating an edge

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