EFT Tapping Into Your Soul: Use THIS TECHNIQUE For INSTANT Transmissions Beyond the Veil with Dawson Church

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Our ANGELS Are ALWAYS Around us, We just need to know how to tap into them!

If you’ve ever wanted to communicate with your soul, or speak with the other side, then do we have the Tapping Into Spirit, show for you!

In this episode we speak with Dawson Church, scientist extraordinaire, a world-renowned expert on EFT Tapping. and an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, has been hailed as a breakthrough in the field of epigenetics.

In today’s episode we talk about all things EFT Tapping, Connecting To Our Spirit, communicating with our Angels, and the other side of the veil.

We world we live in today has us Busy, Occupied and Stressed, today’s episode is ESSENTIAL as we cover all the ways you can declutter your mind, tune into consciousness and truly connect beyond the veil to communicate with your angels.

Are you ready to shine?

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