Engaging the Power of the Heart’s Intelligence for Health, Peace, and Happiness with Howard Martin

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If you’ve ever wanted to feel calmer, more relaxed, and at peace with your life and those around you, then do we have the Heart Math show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Howard Martin, one of the leaders and founders of HeartMath, co-author of The Heart-Math Solution and a contributing author to a brilliant book on coherence, Heart Intelligence.

That is just what I want to talk with him about today, about connecting with the intelligence of the heart for greater health, peace, and happiness.

Plus we’ll talk about Oak Trees and Red Woods, Josh and Mabel, why the heart is stronger than the brain, and what in the world glow worms and chameleons have to do with anything!

Topics Include:

  1. What is the intelligence of the heart?
  2. Is the heart’s intelligence greater than the brain?
  3. Does the heart emit a larger field than the brain?
  4. What is heart rate variability?
  5. Is the heart’s magnetic frequency measurable by science?
  6. Does the heart send more information to the brain, or the brain to the heart?
  7. What is resilience, and how can we build it through the heart?
  8. Does heart rate variability affect cognitive performance?
  9. What is heart coherence?
  10. How can we measure it?
  11. How can we boost it?
  12. Is there a way to benchmark our performance?
  13. Can we affect those around us through our heart coherence?
  14. What are tools to measure heart-coherence?
  15. How can we use these tools – and exercises, on a daily basis?
  16. Is there a way to stay in heart-coherence through the day?
  17. How does heart coherence affect our health and why is it so importance?
  18. What is global coherence?
  19. How can the coherence of those around us affect us, and how can we affect others?
  20. How can we work on the heart-coherence of our children, and why is this so important?
  21. What’s it meant to raise our vibration?
  22. How can we raise our vibrations through compassion and love?
  23. Can we remotely affect the hearts of others?
  24. Does heart coherence affect our pets and vice-versa?

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