Learning to Love Yourself and Embrace Who You Really Are with Matthew Emerzian on You Matter

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If you feel lonely, isolated, and like you matter less today than ever before, then do we have the You Matter show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Matthew Emerzian, founder of CEO of Every Monday Matters, and the author of an inspiring new read we need today more than ever, You Matter: Learning to Love Who You Really Are.

That’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about learning to love who you really are, especially in these social distancing times. Plus we’ll talk about triathlons, green and yellow Pumas, Robert Kardashian, an expensive friend, Hollywood after-after parties, swimming in Modesto canals, African necklaces, and what in the world a kitty named Rooster has to do with anything!

Key Points Discussed:

  • Do we truly matter in this time of social distancing?
  • Going after what matters most once the pandemic is over
  • What it was like working for Robert Kardashian and feeling alone in a crowded room
  • Growing up different, always trying to fit in, and as the misfit
  • The Monday morning when he cracked because his body had had enough
  • Having a meaning greater than ourselves, and how us mattering is not about us
  • How picking up litter every Saturday taught him more gratitude and gave him significance and meaning
  • Learning how he mattered from showing convicted felons they mattered
  • What does it mean that we matter?
  • The importance of community and the Coronavirus is affecting relationships in homes
  • The things that we go after in life and the value of making a difference in the world
  • Getting through the current pandemic by looking at the “We” perspective
  • The blessing of anxiety and depression for Matthew
  • Doing what we can to bring more smiles to people today
  • A real-life example of how powerful the words “You Matter” are
  • How most people have a hard time accepting compliments and how it hurts us
  • The challenge with the statement “You must be able to love yourself before you can love another”
  • Learning about Ubuntu (We are because of each other) from Vitamin T
  • The massive difference of staying home and sending out love to others
  • What is our personal mission statement?
  • Going out and starting a new hobby that can serve others

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