How To Live in Ease: Finding PEACE In Your Life with Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

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If you ever wanted more Ease in your life then do we have the Peace Of Mind show for you

Today we’ll talk about finding peace of mind, breathing into what is, and letting go at an even deeper level.

Sometimes in life the best outcomes come from letting go of all expectations and all outcomes. A life of ease comes from inner peace, a sense of willingness and ability to go into the unknown.

In this episode we'll talk all about ways you can breathe into ease, have an even better piece of mind that is free from worry, and let go of our expectations and go with the flow.

Plus we’ll talk about cousins and wetsuits, Roo Roo at peace, making sure I get out, an interview blown up, forgetting to put in CJ’s notes, surprise clearing, surprise clearing, shaking in sleep, resting, talk soon, and what in the world the sinking of the love boat has to do with anything!

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