How To Live Life In JOY: Lighting The SPARK In Your Life with Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

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Today we’re sparking up YOUR Life! If you ever wanted more Energy and Enjoyment in your life, and things seem dull, repetitive and stale, then do we have the Spark Joy show for you!

We’ll talk all things about how you can find a NEW spark in your life to fully bring out that JOY factor and energy into your life.

Finding that spark comes from looking in new places, where can you bring something NEW to your life, how you show up in life to your spouse, to your colleagues and those who look up to you.

It all comes from the JOY of trying something new, keeping conscious of how we do what exchange our energy with the world.

That plus we’ll talk about the power of sunlight bathing, fall swims, heading south, positive goals, the magic of 46, the magic also of 200k, and what in the world ceramic, kitties, and toes have to do with anything!

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