Manifest Exactly What You Want – Things You Should Know To Achieve Your Dreams with David Neagle

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If you ever wanted to manifest exactly what you want, then do we have The Millions Within show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with David Neagle, President of Life is Now, and the author of a brilliant book on transforming your life, The Millions Within: How to Manifest Exactly What You Want and Have an EPIC Life!

That’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about how to manifest exactly what you want and have a truly EPIC life. David Neagle knows how to help you achieve whatever dream your heart desires – no matter where you’re starting from.

Plus we’ll talk about the power of spicy food, the importance of coffee, lakes and boats, founding fathers and iPhones, cats and cold stoves, and what in the world a West Highland White Terrier (Westie) named Ferg has to do with anything!

The Millions Within Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What happened to David when he was four?
  2. What big questions was he asking by age six?
  3. What was David’s big wake-up call?
  4. What was the manifestation card he wrote to himself afterwards?
  5. What was the demand he made, and what did he hear that began to change everything?
  6. What does it mean to have a good attitude?
  7. What were the three basic tenets he began living by?
  8. How did he triple his income in one year?
  9. What did it mean to change his paradigm, and what could he see once he did?
  10. What did Bob Proctor tell him when he got stuck?
  11. What did he learn from being coached by Bob Proctor?
  12. How did he challenge himself to get unstuck?
  13. How do we help our subconscious accept our biggest challenges?
  14. What does the first Universal Law of “More Life” mean for us?
  15. What’s the importance of our desires, and what does that realy mean?
  16. What’s wrong with hearing “oh come on!” and how do we move past this?
  17. What’s the difference between what we think we want and what we really want?
  18. How do we discern what we truly want?
  19. What’s the problem with WISHING for something?
  20. What’s the power of a conscious decision?
  21. What’s the importance of alignment?
  22. Why do unexamined beliefs often lash back out at us?
  23. What’s the importance of self-acceptance?
  24. What are three keys to self-acceptance and how can they liberate us?

In September of 1989, what was supposed to be a rare relaxing day with family cruising down the Illinois River in a roomy boat, quickly turned into a nightmare…

David Neagle was pulled deep into the gates of a dam that shredded his flesh, broke his back, and nearly drowned him. No one expected him to survive the accident, and rescue workers even told his family he was already dead. (Entire boats had been sucked into this same dam, without survivors.)

What happened instead is that David, a high-school dropout & dock worker, awakened to the potential previously untapped within him. He made a decision that day to begin the journey responsible for changing his entire life, and now the lives of thousands of others.

David Neagle knows how to help you achieve whatever dream your heart desires – no matter where you’re starting from.

After his brush with death, David began to study his own potential. In the 12 months following his accident ~ despite being unable to walk for more than a month ~ he tripled his income! By December of 2000, David had expanded to become an executive corporate manager, a stock investor, and a business owner!

David Neagle is the best selling author of The Millions Within and is known as one of the architects of the coaching and personal growth industry itself, having worked alongside other well-known mentors like Bob Proctor, Marianne Morrisey, Tony Robbins and the like for decades.

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