Introducing the Inspiring Business Podcast with Stephen Sandor

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This Podcast has been created for Business Owners who have recognised that they can’t do everything in a business and we interview business owners with real live examples that it is possible and inspires you to take action and if necessary ask for help.

The Podcast is not trying to convince you it’s a good idea to ask for help. We aim to inspire not motivate.

The people who you’ll hear from have successfully migrated from a small business to a medium or large sized business and are sharing with you how they did it.

These business owners share their challenges, frustrations, experiences and how they went about achieving their objectives. You’ll get a sense that it’s a relatively simple process but it’s not easy to implement.

To support the implementation I’m also interviewing advisers who through their particular genius provide support to business owners and who also run their own business, so they have a great deal of empathy with you and the businesses they serve.

The one thing that you won’t get here is listening to the gurus who have the ‘6 easy steps to success’ It’s not to say that these theories don’t work but we all know business is simple but not easy.

Here’s my 3 step magic bullet - have purpose, be consistent and care.

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