A Naturopath's approach to gut health and our relationship with food

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*We apologise for the audio quality of this episode*

On Episode Three of Season Two, we have the pleasure to interview our Paddington neighbour Anthia Koullouros from Apotheca by Anthia. Anthia has been in clinical practice for 27 years, during this time she has created her own brand of certified organic teas, tisanes, herbs & elixirs which now goes by the name Apotheca by Anthia, she has released the book ‘I Am Food’ and is an ongoing advocate for a natural, whole food, natural medicine and toxic chemical-free lifestyle.

In this episode, we find out how Anthia got into Naturopathy and her ethos of treating patients. We delve into the importance of our gut health and the role it plays for our hormones, fertility and our overall wellbeing. The role of the Vagus nerve is discussed and how it is connected to our mental and emotional health. From there, we discuss the benefits Anthia sees for her patients when working alongside a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. We jump into detoxing and Anthia's perspective on what realistic and seasonal detoxing can look like to support the body. The relationship with eating seasonally is discussed and how we can implement this into our lives. We unpack the impact social media has on diets and styles of eating and challenge the misinformation provided. From there we ask Anthia about her three top tips to reduce toxic build up and live a more holistic lifestyle.

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