The science of skin & cosmetic care with Leah Cindric

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It was a pleasure to have our first guest for 2022 on the Integrating Chinese Medicine podcast, Leah Cindric. Leah Cindric from Skin by Leah Cindric is a cosmetic nurse. Leah places importance of medical knowledge, critical thinking, analysis and the need to educate and empower clients. In Episode 2 for Season 2, Leah guides us through the types of Acne, aggravating factors and her treatment approach to managing Acne. We discuss unfair expectations of perfect skin in society and the role female hormones play.

After unpacking the three types of Pigmentation we challenge the buzz phrase of anti-ageing and discuss Anti-Wrinkle Injections, PDO threading and fillers. We finish off with a topic Elizabeth and Georgia are passionate about when treating skin, treating inside and out with external and internal care. Finally, we finish off with Leah’s number one skincare tip and we think you will love this one.

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