Bret Greenstein – VP and Global Head of AI for Cognizant Technology Solutions

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Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution has long been applied outside biology, to domains such as medicine and psychology. Evolutionary principles have also found applicability in the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning via algorithms that have the ability to evolve. Ironically, over 150 years ago, Darwin described himself in almost algorithmic terms when he stated "I am turned into a sort of machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions." Leveraging Darwinian doctrine to optimize AI outcomes for clients consumes much of the day for Bret Greenstein, VP and Global Head of AI for Cognizant Technology Solutions. After a 3-decade stint at IBM, Bret joined Cognizant to lead their Evolutionary AI program, which accelerates delivery of those optimal outcomes for a variety of use cases in a broad array of industries. Bret shares with us some finer points about Evolutionary AI’s workings, and the impact it’s having on enterprises today. Along the way we'll discover why implementing AI & machine learning is going to re-prioritize the agenda for CIOs & CTOs, laying the groundwork for IT to transition from a cost center to an enabler of revenue growth.

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