Chaz Perera - Co-Founder & CEO of Roots Automation

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Bots. They're everywhere, proliferating fast, and evolving their capabilities. Most of us are familiar with them in the form of chatbots, crawlers, and of course RPA bots, but what about an emerging class of autonomous software programs called Digital Coworkers? They’re not just next. They’re now, and are already impacting the future of work in verticals such as the insurance industry.

To learn more about Digital Coworkers and how they’ll interact with their human colleagues, we talk with Chaz Perera of Roots Automation. As the former Chief Transformation Officer of AIG (America’s 4th largest insurer by assets, as of 2019), he sought a better way to deploy robotic automation in enterprise operations. Chaz explains to us why Digital Coworkers succeeded where other bots failed. Along the way we'll learn what the magic number is of automatable processes organizations need to have in order to justify establishing their own Center of Excellence, why a bot's greatest value might be freeing up staff so they can spend more time with customers, and what a future with Digital Coworkers might look like.

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