Danilo McGarry – Global Head of Automation for Alter Domus

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Every moonshot needs a rocket. For many enterprises around the world, digital transformation is their moonshot, and automation + artificial intelligence is their rocket. In order for those digital transformations to achieve mission objectives though, enterprises must scale up their automation & AI deployments. When they do, the results can be out-of-this-world. But why do some automation & AI initiatives deliver such extraordinary returns while others fail to launch? Why do others manage lifting off, but fail to break free from the gravitational bonds of corporate inertia? For answers to these & other questions, we turn to Danilo McGarry, Global Head of Automation at Alter Domus. Danilo's track record of producing outsized results with automation and AI at his current & prior roles might be unprecedented. He shares his valuable insights with us, including the surprisingly aggressive minimum ROI you should aim for in year one of your automation projects, the specific steps to take to overcome internal robophobia about automation & AI, and why proof of concept projects are a waste of money.

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