Dwayne White - Vice President of Technology Automation at LPL Financial Services

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Some of you were introduced to automation in school, or at work, or perhaps even by a family member or friend. Our guest on this episode began his automation journey in the US Marine Corps. Corporal Dwayne White's first automation project involved "digitally transforming" a manual process done on a Xerox typewriter into a far more efficient solution done on a PC. From there, he progressed through successive levels of technical & executive responsibility, until reaching his current position as VP of Technology Automation at LPL Financial Services.

As the largest independent broker dealer in the country supporting nearly 17,000 financial advisors, technology plays an outsized role in LPL Financial's success. Dwayne was instrumental in leveraging automation to power LPL's growth, both as a hands-on techie and as a manager. He shares some key insights with us in this episode, and we learn how automation mitigates risk for LPL Financial, the specific kinds of processes LPL automates, and why you shouldn't look at automation as a replacement for your staff.

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