Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman and CEO of SnapLogic

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The trenches of technology's marketplace battlefield are strewn with the remains of high-tech leaders, undercut by adversaries marching in with the next great innovation. It's a manifestation of Creative Destruction, economist Joseph Schumpeter's famous theory about the continuous cycle of annihilation & creation that enables the new to replace the old. Of course "old" is a relative term in IT, but some are beginning to view automation in its current form as a legacy encumbrance. If it is, then what's next?

To find out we turn to Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman and CEO of SnapLogic, a leading provider of Integration Platform-as-a-Service. Integrations are the synapses of the online world, enabling creation of neural circuits between applications, which ultimately coalesce into a computational nervous system we call the internet. Gaurav believes that combining iPaaS with AI will redefine how enterprises interact with their employees and their customers. The result will be organizations whose whole is greater than the sum of their parts.

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