Joe Garber – VP & Global Head of Strategy and Solutions for Micro Focus

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Worldwide spending on digital transformation services is expected to reach nearly $2 Trillion by 2022. However, anecdotal evidence suggests the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digital transformation initiatives ahead of schedule at many organizations. This has more than a few IT executives wondering how they can best move faster in the midst of a global health emergency, while contending with the notoriously high failure rates digital transformation projects have become known for. In seeking insights & advice, we turn to what may seem to some a bit of a surprising source. Micro Focus is the company most synonymous with COBOL, a legacy programming language entering its 7th decade of operation. Yet Joe Garber, its Global Head of Strategy and Solutions, explains why Micro Focus' primary focal point today is helping enterprises with digital transformation. During our conversation, he provides insights on a number of use cases, one of the most important things to consider when formulating a digital transformation strategy, & what organizations need to fundamentally do right now in response to the changing work reality.

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