Karen Hao – Artificial Intelligence Reporter for MIT Technology Review

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The legendary Yogi Berra once said "The future ain't what it used to be." Considering the surprising ways advances in AI & Machine Learning are unfolding, Yogi’s quote appears strikingly accurate. For instance, nobody envisioned that one day Pavlovian techniques used to condition animal behavior might be the model for training a computer algorithm. Yet that approach powered the breakthrough victory by AI firm DeepMind's AlphaGo program in 2016 when it defeated world champion Lee Sedol in the ancient game of Go. What specific impact will these technological advances have on us as individuals, and on enterprises seeking competitive advantages in the marketplace? To explore this and other questions we speak to Karen Hao, AI Reporter for MIT Technology Review, a publication claiming to be "the oldest technology magazine in the world." Karen's data-driven reporting focuses on demystifying the recondite world of AI & Machine Learning. We tap into her extensive insights to learn why despite proliferation of "deep fakes" & AI bias she's so optimistic about the field, and what commonly overlooked aspect of AI & Machine Learning IT management should focus on before deploying it.

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