Kieran Gilmurray - Global Automation Lead, and Internationally Recognized Intelligent Automation Expert

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The Great British Bake Off is a popular BBC reality TV series showcasing contestants' baking skills as they advance through a series of challenge rounds. The final baker remaining after weeks of elimination stages is declared the winner. It's a grueling competition requiring culinary dexterity that encompasses numerous skills & techniques. It's also a microcosm for the future of work. In the 4th Industrial Revolution, professionals (like bakers) will need to expand their repertoire of expertise in order to acquire the digital dexterity enterprises will need to compete & win globally.

London-based Kieran Gilmurray is an internationally recognized intelligent automation expert. He's been preaching the gospel of digital dexterity for some time, and has some dire predictions for organizations failing to heed his advice. He joins us to share his insights, and along the way we learn why implementing a Center of Excellence is Automation 101, what the minimum ROI percentage should be to justify automating a process, and what some of the biggest disruptions will be due to digital transformation over the next few years.

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