Mark Campbell – Chief Innovation Officer of Trace3

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Over two millennia ago, the famous ancient Greek historian Thucydides wrote about how best to dispense with Spartans. He could not have known that 2,400 years later his writings would enter the pantheon of organizational thinking about innovation. Yet as unlikely as it sounds, that's exactly what Mark Campbell believes has happened. As Chief Innovation Officer of Trace3, Mark uses the age-old reflections of Thucydides to help advise IT executives today. Navigating the labyrinth of emerging technologies is a Herculean task, and Mark has lots of sage advice on what innovations to take advantage of, as well as which ones to avoid. In this episode, we chat with Mark about a number of emerging technologies from automation, AI, and machine learning to quantum computing. Along the way we'll learn what questions a vendor should answer to ascertain if their product's AI capabilities are based on engineering or marketing hype, the potential pitfalls awaiting any enterprise that decides to handle the "people problem" later, and the one biggest fear customers have about emerging technologies.

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