Mark Gray – Digital Transformation Director at Crown Prosecution Service

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The haggard lawyer toting a disheveled box full of paper evidence, before plunking it down on a cluttered desk to carefully examine its contents is a familiar trope employed by many a fictional TV crime series. In real life though, automation, chatbots, and other technologies are rapidly relegating that stereotype into an anachronism. In this regard, perhaps no law enforcement agency in the world has undergone a more radical digital transformation than Crown Prosecution Services, the agency responsible for conducting all criminal prosecutions in England & Wales. Mark Gray is the man leading that digital transformation, and of the many metrics that can be used to measure what he's accomplished in a relatively short span, one stands out as nothing short of astonishing - the elimination of 160 million pages of paper annually! Mark talks with us about other impacts automation has had on his agency, including accelerating the justice process, ensuring evidence doesn't fall through the cracks, and fundamentally changing how people perform their jobs with a greater sense of satisfaction.

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