Mark Settle - Author & former CIO of Oxy, BMC Software, & Okta

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HBO’s emmy-nominated comedy series Silicon Valley offers a humorous behind-the-scenes take on the trials and tribulations of technology startups. Its techie-driven dialogue is unusual for mainstream entertainment, but refreshing for those of us in IT. Pulling back the curtains on life at Silicon Valley IT departments is a specialty of our guest on this episode, Mark Settle. As a 7-time CIO of companies such as Oxy, BMC Software, & Okta, Mark reveals quite a bit in his latest book "Truth from the Valley, A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade".

Drawing upon his many experiences leading IT shops, Mark succinctly articulates both the problems with current approaches to IT, and his prescription for how people, processes, and technology must adapt to a digitally transformed future. Along the way we’ll learn what he thinks are the top three characteristics a CIO should look for when hiring an IT professional (other than intelligence), the key to overcoming robophobia among staff, and why a CIO’s success depends on them picking a handful of things to be Best-in-Class at.

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