Max Cheprasov – Chief Automation Officer at Dentsu Aegis Network

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The ground-shifting digital transformations underway at many enterprises are beginning to transform the executive C-suite as well. Traditional IT leadership roles like CIO & CTO are being joined by new executive titles like Chief Automation Officer (CAO). The elevation of this function to the C-suite parallels the rise in strategic importance of automation, AI, and machine learning to an organization's future competitiveness. To better understand what a Chief Automation Officer does and how they can positively impact business outcomes for global enterprises, we turn to Max Cheprasov of Dentsu Aegis Network. As Chief Automation Officer of the world's 5th largest digital marketing agency, Max focuses on leveraging automation & AI as a force multiplier for Dentsu's 47,000 employees. He shares with us results from some of the high profile use cases his team has implemented, the surprising way in which enterprises might reap the lion's share of automation's benefits, and who the most important strategic partner is for anyone leading an AI and automation practice.

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