Michael Heric - Senior Partner at Bain & Company

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Bain & Company, one of the world's three largest strategy consulting firms, has been at the forefront of digital transformation for many years now. Leading global organizations retain Bain’s services both to keep pace with technology advances, as well as gain competitive advantage in their markets. It’s not a bad place to be employed either, as evidenced by Glassdoor ranking Bain #1 on their list of Best Places to Work (four times!). No wonder then that Bain attracts the best, both customers and employees, which in turn leads to some of the best insights available on the state of automation.

We take a peek inside this prestigious firm by interviewing Michael Heric, Senior Partner at Bain & Company, and the executive in charge of their Automation Center of Excellence. In his 20 years at Bain, Michael’s seen a lot, and he shares with us why automation is increasingly sitting outside of IT’s jurisdiction; how Bain took a disappointing automation program that yielded only a few million dollars in savings to one generating savings of over a hundred million dollars a year; and why it’s unlikely there will ever be a single platform delivering all of an organization’s automation needs.

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