Oded Karev - General Manager of Robotics Process Automation at NICE Ltd.

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Who among us hasn't called a contact center at some point for customer service, tech support, or some other matter? Usually those interactions are mundane, unremarkable, and ultimately forgettable. You get what you need and go on with your day, blissfully unaware of what transpired behind the scenes to provide you that friction-free encounter. It turns out however that automation & AI often play a key role in delivering those satisfying outcomes, and NICE Ltd. (formerly Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering) is a key player enabling those experiences.

Oded Karev runs NICE's RPA division, and has a lot to say about how the attended & unattended real-time automation they’ve innovated has digitally transformed their contact center customers. He joins us to share his insights about some interesting use cases, whether or not all the various forms of automation will eventually merge into one singular platform, and briefly talks about NICE’s next major innovation - robots building robots.

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