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Fans of "Westworld", HBO's dystopian science fiction drama, recognize the understated yet outsized role of Lee Sizemore's character as crucial to the series plot. As head of the Narrative and Design division of Westworld’s Mesa Hub, Lee is responsible for the storylines of the "hosts". The scripts he creates for them ultimately determine the experience of Westworld's guests, and whether or not they'll become repeat customers. Lee Sizemore's futuristic-sounding job is somewhat paralleled in the present-day by people who architect conversations for AI chatbots. It's a field of growing importance that's crucial to the outcomes generated by conversational AI, and ultimately, digital transformations. For insights on the current state of this craft, we turn to one of its more notable practitioners, Rebecca Clyde, CEO & Co-Founder of Rebecca shares many of her unique insights with us, and along the way we learn how early adopters of conversational AI are experiencing triple-digit percentage improvements in their sales conversion rates, how technology can make AI-driven chat conversations more engaging for people, and why taking the ontology learning approach to natural language processing might ultimately be better long term than machine learning.

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