Shan Haq, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development at Transcepta

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Build or Buy? It’s a question both IT & business operations have grappled with ever since John W. Tukey first coined the term "software" in 1957. As automation & artificial intelligence quickly permeate nearly every aspect of enterprise ops over 6 decades later, the question still remains. Should an organization build its own automation & AI application, or let someone else do the heavy lifting? Building custom solutions allows companies to retain control, but at what expense? Then there's ongoing maintenance costs and other considerations. On the other hand, buying software can accelerate time to value, but that often entails making compromises on functionality.

To delve further into this question, we turn to Shan Haq, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development at Transcepta, an intelligent Procure-To-Pay vendor. Transcepta’s platform leverages automation augmented by AI to deliver 100% straight-through invoice processing across supply chains. Shan shares his insights with us on why buying the services of an automation platform can make more sense, & the beneficial ripple effects enterprises can experience by automating just one area of their organization’s operations.

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