Toby Buckalew - CIO of OneShare Health

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Much of the world was caught off-guard when the COVID-19 pandemic erupted. As governments began issuing stay-at-home orders in an effort to slow transmission of the virus that causes the disease, the corporate world struggled to redeploy their staff to remote work. A notable organization that didn't break stride during this upheaval was OneShare Health from Irving, TX, who leveraged automation and AI to execute a seamless transition to telecommuting for their workforce. The result enabled their personnel to continue working at the same or higher levels of productivity as before the shutdown. The man behind this impressive feat was Toby Buckalew, OneShare Health's CIO. As a veteran of digital transformations in healthcare, Toby had already laid the groundwork that would be crucial to OneShare Health continuing to offer uninterrupted services to its end users. Toby joins us on this episode to share numerous insights, including why transforming people is the most important part of an enterprise digital transformation, why introverts may not be cut out for the job of CIO, and why road maps are better than detailed plans when it comes to transformation journeys.

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