Tomasz Jamroz - VP Consulting and Head of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at CGI

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Societal transformations are often epoch-defining milestones in mankind’s history. The transition from Stone Age to Bronze Age. The changeover from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The overthrow of Communism in favor of Free Market economies & democracy. The fall of the Iron Curtain was a particularly defining event for this episode’s guest, who grew up in Poland & witnessed his nation’s conversion to capitalism after the collapse of the Soviet Union. What he experienced then not only continues inspiring him, but also influences the advice he gives organizations on digital transformation. As the person in charge of Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence for one of the world’s biggest IT and business consulting services firms, Tomasz Jamroz is uniquely positioned to be an enterprise change agent. He draws upon his vast expertise to share with us some fascinating use cases he’s worked on, the 2 key factors organizations must address before undertaking digital transformation, and the technologies most likely to advance our capabilities & impact our world over the next 10 years.

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