Troy DuMoulin - VP Research & Development at Pink Elephant

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In response to the growing balkanization of IT management practices among its various government branches in the 1980's, the United Kingdom developed a set of standardized practices that all their agencies & vendors were expected to follow. These standardized practices eventually evolved into a widely adopted framework for administration of information technology commonly known as ITIL. Worldwide, 47% of surveyed organizations use at least some form of ITIL, making it the most popular IT framework, according to a 2017 Forbes Insight survey. Given the accelerating drive by organizations to digitally transform their operations, ITIL has gained even greater prominence as an enabling factor in their success....or failure. To better understand the promise & perils of organizational transformations, and what role automation, AI, and machine learning will play, we turn to Troy DuMoulin, VP - Research and Development at Pink Elephant. Troy shares his thoughts with us about what he believes is the "gift of ITIL", the 5 questions CIOs & IT leaders must answer before an organization considers using a shared tool chain, and why process and tool projects are really people change projects in disguise.

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