Will Christensen - Co-Founder of DataAutomation

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The renowned business management guru Tom Peters once wrote that "Business is about people. It's about passion. It's about bold ideas, bold small ideas or bold large ideas." Automation, arguably, is a bold large idea that's taken root in large enterprises. Less well known is the fact that it's pretty popular among smaller businesses as well, where it's become no less of a bold large idea. That may come as a surprise to some who only think of automation as a tool for roboticizing complex, large-scale processes in big organizations. Nevertheless, automation’s diffusion has made it readily accessible at all levels, just as computers went from being once rare machines of the privileged to ubiquitous tools of the masses. The democratization of automation is creating a bonanza for service providers who can accelerate the benefits an organization realizes from its deployment. One such provider is DataAutomation, whose cofounder Will Christensen has gained a unique perspective on this trend through his extensive experience helping SMB’s automate a broad diversity of processes. Will joins us to share the surprising #1 driver for automation among SMB's, the 4 basic questions to answer before automating any SMB's manual process, and the litmus test SMB's should go through before deciding whether or not to even automate a manual process.

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