42 - Food Freedom Bible Study with Nicole Mesita

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Today on the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women podcast our guest Nicole Mesita of Body BLoved shares about why we need to bring the food freedom message to our churches and how we can do it!

In this episode we dig into:

- Studying to become a non-diet dietitian and learning under Dawn Clifford

- Seeing the parallels for Christian faith and intuitive eating

- Founding Body BLoved with other faith-based dietitians to speak truth to diet culture in the church

- Creating the Food Freedom Bible Study to introduce the non-diet, weight-neutral approach to Christians who are stuck in diet culture

- The exciting launch of Food Freedom Bible Study Small Group Curriculum

- Resources available to help you bring this message into your own church: sample letter to your pastor, marketing language to promote your study, Facilitator Guide to help you hold the space for others to learn

- The importance of spreading this message of revival to other women in our own spheres of influence

- The power of wrestling through our food and body struggles in community with other women

- How you don’t need to be an expert to share this food freedom message and help people understand they are the expert of their own body

- Encouragement to facilitate your own 6-week study online or in-person - no matter where you are on your intuitive eating journey

RESOURCES FOR EPISODE 42 Food Freedom Bible Study with Nicole Mesita

Access the Show Notes on the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women website: https://intuitiveeatingforchristianwomen.com/episodes/

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