43 - Feasting and Fasting with Jessica-Lauren Newby

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Today on the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women podcast our guest Jessica-Lauren Newby reminds us that our God of abundance calls us to abundant life in Him and she explains what this means for our relationships with food.

In this episode we discuss:

- Her experience growing up trying to be “good” at church and “good” for Jesus

- What it’s like to be a recovering seeker of her own righteousness

- How the Lord pursued her to provide eating disorder treatment to others and tied it to her own healing journey

- Realizing there has to be a better way than dieting and making the shift from a weight-centered approach to a weight-neutral approach to health

- How our God of abundance is not concerned with appearance

- Lamenting how Christian women are caught up in the world

- What the Bible says about feasting and fasting

- How we can incorporate the practices of feasting and sabbath in our weekly lives

- How breaking free from diet culture frees us to live out God’s call for our lives

- Reflections on Jesus as the bread of life

- The purpose of Biblical fasting and considerations fasting and disordered eating

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