High School with Jonathan Kaplan (Part 1) (iPad Pros - 0108)

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Jonathan Kaplan is a 10th grade student who gets all of his work done on the iPad; we discuss what this was like before the pandemic and now in the pandemic with virtual learning. This is just the first part of our discussion. On the next episode we will continue our discussion of using the iPad as a high school student and how he uses the iPad to create videos for his YouTube channel, iOS at Work.

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Chapter Markers

00:00:00: Opening

00:02:16: Jonathan Kaplan

00:05:52: What other computers do you use?

00:07:01: Favorite Accessories

00:07:43: Folio Touch

00:08:09: Logitech Crayon

00:10:42: Desktop Setup

00:11:11: Logitech K380

00:11:21: Logitech M355

00:11:45: Dell Monitor - 27” 1440p

00:12:03: Dell WD15

00:12:18: Clamshell Mode

00:13:58: Mouse Scrolling

00:16:07: HDMI Input

00:17:50: Audio

00:19:35: Ergonomics

00:23:01: High School

00:27:45: Audio Recording

00:28:55: Virtual Learning

00:31:25: Computer Labs

00:32:42: All Day Battery?

00:33:59: iPad Stigma

00:38:41: Touchscreen Keyboard?

00:39:45: Email

00:41:52: The school portal

00:43:22: Core apps

00:44:17: Notability

00:44:54: MindNode

00:45:12: PDF converter

00:45:21: Shift screen

00:46:55: Calendars 5

00:47:08: iWork

00:47:13: Reminders

00:47:18: Microsoft Math Solver


00:48:23: Focused work

00:48:32: Graphing calculator

00:49:56: End of Part 1

00:50:26: Closing

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