iPad Pro 5th Generation with Jeff Perry (iPad Pros - 0110)

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Jeff Perry from TabletHabit.com shares his thoughts on the 5th generation 12.9” iPad Pro announced on April 20th, 2021. We also touch on the other announcements from Apple at that event.

A quick note from Tim Chaten the host of the podcast. If anyone would like to purchase my 2020 iPad Pro, 12.9” in Silver with 1TB of storage with cellular it is available for $1,250 shipped (United States only). Please reach out to iPadProsPodcast@gmail.com if interested.

Bonus content and early episodes with chapter markers are available by supporting the podcast at www.patreon.com/ipadpros. Show notes are available at www.iPadPros.net. Feedback is welcomed at iPadProsPodcast@gmail.com.

Chapter Markers

00:00:00: Opening

00:01:30: My iPad Pro is For Sale

00:02:46: Jeff Perry

00:04:10: Substack on iPad

00:05:43: Drafts

00:06:21: Subscription Podcasts

00:13:21: Drafts (continued)

00:17:57: Lessons from the iMac

00:18:31: Colors

00:22:18: touchID keyboard

00:26:16: MagSafe?

00:30:14: Computer in the chin

00:30:50: M1 iPad?

00:33:22: What is Thunderbolt?

00:34:09: Why call it M1?

00:38:16: 2TB

00:38:33: 16GB of RAM

00:41:48: 6GB of RAM models

00:44:54: Dolby Atmos

00:46:27: Center Stage

00:49:31: 5G

00:51:36: T-Mobile Data Plan

00:54:10: Dual Sim

00:55:13: XDR Display

01:02:25: $200 Credit from Carriers

01:04:30: AppleCare+ Now $2 More

01:06:32: AirTags

01:09:51: Pricing

01:16:00: iPadOS 15

01:18:43: Headphone Jack on iMac

01:20:50: What we didn't get

01:27:00: Logitech Combo Touch

01:27:25: StaffPad

01:28:13: Anything else?

01:31:02: 11" iPad Pro - 2021 Edition

01:35:53: iPad mini

01:36:05: Cameras

01:37:37: Apple TV 4K - Rev 2

01:39:31: TabletHabit.com

01:39:47: @IAmJeffPerry

01:40:10: Closing

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