138: Get Your Ass on the Damn Scale!

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Let's get something straight about the scale. I firmly believe that going scale free is a cop-out and it's keeping you in denial about your weight and how it's making you feel. If your weight truly didn't bother you, you wouldn't care about stepping on the scale or not. One time I went scale free and it was a total shit show and yes I gained weight. Every time I avoided the scale, I would gain weight because it's giving into the "entitled fat girl" and giving yourself permission to check out and zombie eat. Skipping the scale because you had a "bad week" is an excuse to not face the music and be accountable to yourself. Getting on the scale is not about being obsessive about the number. Getting on the scale is an opportunity to change the bullshit story you created about yourself and transform your life. The scale is not a validation of your morality. It's time to change the relationship with yourself and with the scale. Let's go!
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