Christmas Special w/ Spectator Columnist and West Country Priest Rev. Daniel French

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Daniel French is back as co-host with J.A. Franklin this week as Tom is away on parental leave following the successful reception of his new child. Congratulations to him!
On the show, we review all of the week's doom-mongering warnings about the Christmas period. We talk about Daniel's recent and popular Spectator piece on the Vicar of Dibley taking the knee in fealty to BLM. And we conclude with a conversation about a recent document released by the Church of England Bishop's Recovery Group on the Covid vaccinations. Why does this document exist and what is it supposed to achieve? We also take into account the Church of England vision for the 2020s diagram and ask what does it all mean.
We'll be taking a break for a bit now so we'd like to wish all our listeners a very Happy Christmas and to thank them for listening to our show throughout the last few months. As always do be in touch with anything at all at and follow us on Twitter @irreverendpod. You can also rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks so much!
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