Legacy of the Lockdown and Experts?; Coerced Vaccination as Queen and High Profile Church Leaders Urge Compliance

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In this episode Revs Tom, Jamie and Daniel talk about the relationship between lockdowns, experts, Brexit and the Iraq War using an insightful Article by Phil Sacre, Will Lockdowns be the End of Experts? We also talk about the gloomy prospect of coerced vaccination. We note endorsements that the vaccine has received from the Queen and from high profile church leaders. A group of the latter released a video in which they urge people to have the vaccine in an effort to curb what they see as "misinformation".
Please read and sign the petition Do not roll out vaccine passports.
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If you are looking for an open church in England, please visit www.uklockdownchurches.wordpress.com where there is a list available with some basic information. Alternatively if you have an open church and would like to list it, you are welcome to do so there.

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