Lockdown 3.0; Churches Petitioning to be Shut Down; Educational Inequality; Defund the BBC and much more w/ extra special guest Calvin Robinson

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We are back with a bang this week. TJ Pelham returns from his well-earned parental leave to spread abroad his fatherly wisdom. And we are joined by educator, journalist, political activist and now Church of England ordinand Calvin Robinson!
We talk about the madness of yet another damaging and ineffective lockdown and sceptical case made by Alistair Hames for a grudging acceptance. Along the way Jamie and Tom have a gentle disagreement over the issue of the COVID vaccine and we all share concerns about whether or not the government will truly release us from lockdown once a certain amount of vulnerable people have had the jab.
We hear about Calvin's experience as a teacher and assistant principal, and how the COVID measures, particularly the shutting of the schools, is disadvantaging the poor and marginalized. And we discuss Calvin's contribution to the defund the BBC campaign and why we are being badly served by our state broadcaster and other mainstream media.
We conclude the show with a plea to priests and other church leaders to keep their churches open, and draw attention to a new website set up by a friend of the show, Andy. If you are keeping your church open, please register it on this site so that people nearby can find out where you are and that you are still worshipping together. If you're looking for a church to attend, do check out the site and see if it can help you out: www.uklockdownchurches.wordpress.com.
For everything about Calvin, please go to his personal website.
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