Lockdown Forever; The State of "Lockdown Scepticism"; Lord Sumption Character Assassination; Keeping Churches Open; Cathedral Closed Yet Used as Vaccination Centres

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Dear listener. Just a regular week with the home team Tom and Jamie. We review the latest pronouncements by the government to the effects that lockdown is going to last a very long time. We review the status of and growing hostility toward so-called lockdown sceptics. Jamie reveals why he prefers to use the term "anti-lockdown". We review the latest Lord Sumption controversy as he is accused of saying that some lives are intrinsically more valuable than others. And we look at the state of play in the church by reviewing Fr Jonathan Beswick's article on keeping churches open before turning to the latest cathedral craze: shutting down Holy Communion and administering COVID vaccination instead.
Stay tuned to the very, very end as we tuck in a little bit of amusing listener feedback which we left out in the main pod.
As always please keep in touch with suggestions, comments, criticisms etc at irreverendpod@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter @irreverendpod!

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