The Gospel of Covid

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We begin our new episode with some correspondence concerning difficulties faced by doctors and nurses working in the NHS in the current circumstances. And we discuss a message from a listener who raises the issue of an altruistic comparison between abortion and lockdowns.
Our main theme this week is an analysis of the nations' behaviour with regard to Covid as a religious response to an ultimate enemy. Along the way we consider Rowan Williams' take on church closure and an ostensibly heroic Christian response, and we comment on the most recent release of the two archbishops of the Church of England during the recent General Synod. Can the Church expect a season of blessing and growth on the other side of the Covid crisis, or does it need to address other issues of faithfulness to God in order to obtain such a blessing?
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When we recorded this episode we were not sure who the "prolocutors of the two provinces" are and speculated that this might refer to the two archbishops of the Church of England. We have subsequently found out that this term refers to the two senior members of the house of clergy in each province. We apologize for this mistake and we will give more details next week.

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