US Special with Esther O'Reilly: Altercations in DC; Big Tech Censorship; the Breakdown of Western Civilization

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We had the privilege of a return visit to Irreverend Land from US commentator Esther O'Reilly, sharing some in-depth perspective on the crazy events in Washington D.C. on January 6th, the legacy of Trump, the possibility of ever-greater levels of censorship and ostracisation for conservatives and maybe Christians in the US, the breakdown of the social fabric of Western Civilization, and whether or not Tom is a Zwinglian when it comes to Eucharistic Theology. So, basically, everything that is important right now.
Along the way we reference a rather provocative piece from Rod Dreher, The Left's Reichstag Fire, and we look at a piece from Mere Orthodoxy, After Evangelicalism, which attempts to conflate evangelicalism, Trumpism and scepticism about the government response to COVID.
For Garry Williams' excellent piece on why churches should remain open, see here:
If you are a Christian or otherwise looking for an open church in England, or if you have a church you'd like to list, please go to
Esther's blog can be found at and she goes by @EstherOfReilly on Twitter. We also mentioned on the show A Morning in a Diner with Michigan's COVID Rebels from the US Spectator.
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