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In this special episode about premature birth Jessie is joined by her friend Sarah Carr who gave birth to her son Wilf at 29 weeks plus 5 days pregnant. They talk about her experience of giving birth prematurely and what it was like being in the neonatal intensive care unit with her son.

Jessie is also joined by Katharine Jamieson, a neonatal intensive care consultant. Katherine explains what to expect if you do go into labour before 37 weeks and what special care a baby may need if they are born prematurely.

Here are some useful resources:

Bliss - a national charity that has lots of fantastic information and support resources:

Tommy's - a charity supporting research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, also has some great parent information -

Best Beginnings - has some video resources on premature babies, breastfeeding and pregnancy related mental health issues -

Pandas Gives support to people coping with pre and postnatal mental illnesses -

Twins Trust Support for families with twins, triplets and more -

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